Using Checklists

Once the required Checklist has been selected (Company > Aircraft > Checklist), the checklist item page appears (Figure 1).

The page heading will be the name of the Checklist to be actioned. (Figure 1 example is Before Start)

The Checklist Items appear in a rolling list. Items not yet actioned are coloured orange, actioned items are green. The current item is highlighted.

The current item appears as a Button at the bottom of the screen, as Checklist Item -> Action (Figure 1).

Progress through the Checklist Items is shown at the foot of the page.

When the last Checklist Item has been actioned, Finished. Next Checklist button appears at bottom of page.

Tap this button to proceed to next checklist.

When last required checklist is complete, tap < Back button at the top left.

There is an Emergency button at top right. (Figure 1 and 2), which calls up a page of Emergency items( Figure 3).

(See Emergency Chapter in Help Index.)

Action a Checklist:

Figure 1.
Figure 2.
Figure 3.
Figure 4.
Figure 5.
Figure 6.


Emergency Checklist:

There is an Emergency button at the top right of the page (Figure 1 and 2 above).

Tapping this button will bring up immediate Emergency Checklist items and other Emergency Checks (Figure 7).

Differences between the Emergency Checklists and other Checklists are:

Figure 8.
Figure 9.