Getting Started

The Company list allows for multiple Companies. Each Company an contain multiple Aircraft, with an individual Checklist per Company / Aircraft.

When the App is initially loaded, default data is provided. The initial default data can be deleted, changed or added to by the user.

The default data is for a company called "Default Company", for an aircraft called "Default Single". The default checklists are for a generic single-engine aircraft.

This default data can then be copied to any Company name and actual aircraft type as required. The checklists and checklist items can be added to or deleted as required. Once the default data has been copied and is no longer required it can be deleted.

If the default data is not required, start loading custom checklists by creating a new company using Edit button on this Page. Default data and/or Help can be loaded later whenever required using the Load Default button.

Load Default Data and/or Help:

Note: Load Default button will only appear if there is no existing Default Company. Existing Default Company will have to be deleted to allow this button to appear so that Default Data can be re-loaded.

Choose "Default Company" company from the Company list to go forward to the Aircraft list for this company

Add a Company:

A "Company" can in fact be a corporation, group of people or person. The word Company can be changed throughout the app by using the Spanner button (Figure 1) on this page.

Delete a Company:

Note: Deleting a Company will delete ALL data for that Company. I.E. aircraft and checklists. If you need to keep the aircraft and checklists, create a new Company and copy the Aircraft before the deletion.

Amend a Company:

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