Checklist Items

Each Aircraft can have its own individual set of Checklists.

When Aircraft are copied, amended, deleted, or duplicated, the checklists and checklist items belonging to the aircraft are also copied, amended, deleted, or duplicated.

On Company page tap on required Company from Company list.

This will bring up a page titled Aircraft, which will provide a list of Aircraft available in the selected Company.

On Aircraft page tap on required Aircraft from Aircraft list.

This will bring up a page titled Checklists.

On Checklists page tap on required Checklist Itemfrom Check list.

This will bring up a page titled [Selected Checklist Name] (Figure 1).

This Help describes how to Add ,Delete, or Amend Checklist Items for [Selected Checklist Name].

To see Help for actually using the Checklists, select [Using Checklists] on main Index page.

Sequential Order of Checklist Items:

Tapping the Edit button (Figure 1) will provide a list of existing Checklist Items for the selected Check.

The sequential order of this list is determined by the three-digit number on each line (Figure 2).

This number is set as part of the Add a Checklist Item process (Step 3. See below).

There is no validation on this Sequence text box entry but it is suggested that a three digit number is best.

Note that this field is not sorted numerically, but is sorted alphabetically.

For example, [010] will sort before [2], which is why the three digits are needed.


Action is the expected response or correct state of the Checklist Item.

Examples of Action can be seen in Figure 2 and 3 below:

[Set] is the expected Action for [Brakes]; [Off] is the Action for [Avionics]

Note: A special case of Action is [!!]. The two exclamation marks are an indication that the Checklist Item is a an important point in the Checklist where an external item is handled before proceeding. For example - a Tower Clearance.

The two exclamation marks cause the Checklist item to be coloured Red.

Add a Checklist Item:

Delete a Checklist Item:

Amend a Checklist Item:

Figure 1.
Figure 2.
Figure 3.
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